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02 - 07 October 
Idaho Falls, USA

09 - 13 October  
NUTHOS-11 Conference
Gyeongju, South Korea

14 October  
Workshop IET-4th
Gyeongju, South Korea

06 - 10 November
ANS Winter Meeting
Las Vegas, USA




NINE is a recognized key actor in Consulting and Design in the field of Nuclear and Industrial Safety, Supporting licensing process for nuclear installation, Conducting feasibility studies, Constructing experimental equipment as well as in the Verification and  validation of numerical models and codes used in design and analysis of complex systems.




NINE is an expert technical support for conventional industries through advanced technologies, innovation and problem-solving skills. We provide customers with service solutions that ensure reliability and sustainable effects, combined with a customer care attitude and an high level of flexibility. We work in the area of industrial safety, power plants and complex system simulation, Fluid-dynamic analysis, Structural mechanics.