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15/12/2017 - Conference Registration is now open

17/10/2017 - Draft Paper Submission is now open

13/10/2017 - Abstracts Review has been completed and an email sent to the authors

09/10/2017 - Abstract submission is closed

11/09/2017 - Abstract Submission is postponed to September 25

18/05/2017 - Abstract Submission Procedure is now open

15/05/2017 - Abstract Submission Procedure (Beta Version) is now open

15/05/2017 - Conference Website Sign-up is now available

12/05/2017 - "Conference Registration Fees" and "Additional Conference Packages" have been been published

12/05/2017 - Conference "Presenter and Attendance Policy" has been published

08/05/2017 - The list of Conference Events has been added to the website

24/04/2017 - ANS BEPU-2018 website has been launched!

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