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JBaccouBaccou Jean (ISRN,France)

After a Phd in Applied Mathematics from Aix-Marseille University in France, Dr. Jean Baccou joined IRSN where he has been a research engineer for the past 15 years. His main fields of interest are data analysis and statistics to handle nuclear safety problems. In particular, he has developed with his co-workers several methodologies to take into account uncertainties in complex systems. He has been involved in several international projects devoted to this topic such as BEMUSE, NURESAFE or PREMIUM. He was also the coordinator of the OECD SAPIUM project on input uncertainty quantification and validation.

JZhangJinzhao Zhang (TRACTEBEL, Belgium)

Dr. Jinzhao Zhang is Chief Engineer and Key Expert at Tractebel (ENGIE), in charge of the nuclear fuel modelling, safety analysis, design evaluation and licensing. Dr. Zhang has multiple expertise and over 40 years' experience in nuclear and thermal power plant thermal hydraulics, thermal mechanics, multi-physics, uncertainty analysis, safety analysis and licensing. He has extensive experience in development, review and licensing of best estimate plus uncertainty (BEPU) methodology for safety analysis. He has provided consultancy to several international customers or organizations for fuel safety analyses and licensing. Dr. Jinzhao Zhang holds a Master's degree in nuclear engineering (Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1987) and a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering (Université catholic de Louvain, 1993). He is a member of various committees, working groups or expert groups at IAEA, OECD and PWROG, and is a co-leader of several international benchmark projects (RIA benchmark and SAPIUM project at OECD, FUMEX and FUMAC projects at IAEA). He has more than 70 publications and conference papers.

Panel Session:

Panel Title: SAPIUM - Good practices for thermal hydraulic codes model input uncertainty quantification

CFrepoliCesare Frepoli (FPoliSolutions, USA)

Dr. Cesare Frepoli (PhD, 2001, Penn State; ME, 1990, Politecnico di Milano, Italy) is the founder and CEO of FPoliSolutions, LLC. The firm specializes in developing software solutions in the energy sector. Dr. Frepoli has 27 years’ experience in the nuclear industry. Areas of expertise include numerical modelling and simulation of fluid systems, thermal-hydraulic processes and data analysis for computer codes development and validation. Dr. Frepoli is the inventor and developer of important uncertainty analysis methodologies currently used in the industry (Westinghouse Electric Company ASTRUM and full Spectrum LOCA). Dr. Frepoli acquired a vast knowledge in legacy thermal-hydraulic test programs and participated in several key experimental campaigns in support to the licensing nuclear power plants.

Panel Session:

Panel Tittle: Development of BEPU for Supporting Industry and Utilities

CHererChristophe Herer (IRSN,France)

Christophe Herer is a fluid mechanics and energy engineer. He worked for more than 23 years at Framatome in core thermal-hydraulics where he was nominated senior expert. Christophe joined the IRSN international development division IRSN in 2009 where he managed several EU INSC projects as task leader in Egypt, Jordan, Mexico among others. At the IRSN thermalhydraulic simulation department since 2013, he is responsible of the development of international collaborations and of innovative passive systems assessment. Christophe is also the chairman of the OECD/NEA WGAMA 3D SYSTH activity on 3D capabilities of thermalhydraulic system codes. Christophe Herer is also a regular lecturer at the engineering school "Institut Mines Atlantique/ Ecole des Mines" in Nantes (France).

Panel Session:

Panel Title:

LHerranzLuis E. Herranz (CIEMAT, Spain)

Dr. Luis E. Herranz graduated in Quantum Chemistry, Master on Nuclear Engineering and PhD from the Polytechnich University of Madrid (1996). He is the head of the research group on nuclear safety in CIEMAT since 1999. His investigation has addressed severe accidents, fuel thermo-mechanics, thermal-hydraulics of passive safety systems and power cycles for Gen IV reactors. He is the chairman of the NEA Working Group on Analysis and Management of Accidents (WGAMA). He is also a professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of UPCO-ICAI since 10 years and he wrote more than 100 papers in refereed journals and conferences.

Panel Session:

Panel Title: BEPU and Severe Accidents

EIvanovEvgeny Ivanov(IRSN, France)

Dr. Evgeny Ivanov has PhD degree in mathematical physics and over 27 years of experience in nuclear engineering being graduated from National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). Working for long term on scientific management positions in leading Russian institutions (Institute for Physics and Power Engineering and National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute") he led and coordinated numerous projects from feasibility studies and conceptual design to deployment of advanced and innovative nuclear power systems. Nowadays he is working for French TSO “Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire” being involved in research programmes on experimental validation of numerical tools and evidence-based simulations.

Panel Session:

Panel Title: Validation Guidance and Needs



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