1. OECD/NEA ROSTOV2(VVER-1000 Multi-Physics Transient Benchmark)

A large number of tests with a multitude of well-documented neutron-physics and thermal-hydraulics measurements data have been performed at Rostov - Unit 2 (Rostov2) NPP (VVER-1000).  Integral (plant) data and local (core) measured data were collected during the test, which will be used for the validation of both traditional and novel multi-physics codes. The measurement and recording of parameters was performed by the standard means available at NPP and by a special system of experimental control.

The benchmark team consisting from NCSU, GRS, VNIIAES,KI, and MEPhI elected a test (transient), which will allow validation of novel multi-physics codes developed last years in the frame of different national and international projects. The difference in comparison with all previous OECD/NEA Benchmarks for coupled code validation is the implementation of high-fidelity multi-physics simulation codes that could predict pin-by-pin power distributions and flow mixing in the primary loop, in the reactor pressure vessel including its active core part.

The reference benchmark problem chosen for simulation and comparison with the measured data is based on a test characterized by the “Reactivity compensation with diluted boron by stepwise insertion of control rod cluster into the VVER core”. The selected benchmark transient allows to perform simulation tests with different levels of fidelity and complexity.

The benchmark activities include the following phases and exercises:

Phase 1 – Assembly-wise analysis
  Exercise #1 –T-H plant simulation using power tables
  Exercise #2 – Coupled 3-D neutronics/core T-H response evaluation
  Exercise #2a - HZP state
  Exercise #2b – 75% HP state
  Exercise #3 - Best-estimate coupled code plant transient modeling
Phase 2 - Full core pin-by-pin analysis
  a. Exercise #1 – Boundary condition steady-state problem
  b. Exercise #2 – Boundary condition transient calculations
  c. Exercise #3 – Best-estimate coupled pin-by-pin transient calculations

The workshop at BEPU2020 Conference will be the 2nd workshop of Rostov2 activities – Rostov2-2.



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