OECD/NEA TVA-WB1 (PWR Multi-Physics Multi-Cycle Depletion Benchmark)

For Verification and Validation (V&V) of VERA-CS the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) has developed a set of benchmark progression problems ranging from simple two-dimensional pin cells to three-dimensional multi-physics reactor core problems. The detailed specifications were prepared with data for the Watts Bar Unit 1 (WB1) provided by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Westinghouse. As part of the cooperation activities between US DOE and Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)/Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) part of the TVA WB1 data and specifications are provided to serve as a basis for the development of an OECD/NEA multi-cycle benchmark for high-fidelity multi-physics tools with corresponding specifications in a NEA format. Currently, the OECD/NEA multi-physics benchmark draft specifications are based on Cycles 1 and 2 of the WB1 with planned extension to include Cycles 3 through 5 once the data is released by TVA and Westinghouse. The North Carolina State University (NCSU) in cooperation with ORNL and Westinghouse form the benchmark team.

For now, five benchmark exercises are defined based of the first two cycles of TVA WB1 data. The exercises are organized in such a way that they span:

Exercise 1
Start-up Zero Power Physics Tests (ZPPT - Exercise 1) – it is focused on validation of stand-alone 3-D neutronics model at Hot Zero Power (HZP) conditions;

Exercise 2
Hot Hull Power (HFP) Beginning of Cycle (BOC) Physical Reactor w/ Xenon – it is focused on validation of multi-physics steady-state model for HFP conditions (coupled neutronics/thermal-hydraulics/fuel model);

Exercise 3
Physical Reactor Cycle 1 Depletion - validation of multi-physics cycle depletion model for WB1 Cycle 1;

Exercise 4
Fuel Shuffle and Decay for Cycle 2 BOC ZPPT – perform Cycle 1 shuffle and accounting for fuel decay, accurately predicting reactivity at HZP BOC conditions of Cycle 2;

Exercise 5
Physical Reactor Cycle 2 Depletion – validation of multi-physics cycle depletion model for WB1 Cycle 2.

The workshop at BEPU2020 Conference will be the 1st workshop of TVA WB1 activities – TVA-WB1-1.


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