NINE offers attractive Multi-Level Training Courses that meet the needs of stakeholders in the nuclear sector, thanks to cooperation with top level international experts who share expertise and competencies gained from their work-life activity in the industry, regulatory bodies and academia. Course programmes are oriented towards a wide audience, from PhD students, apprentices, jobseekers to young and senior employees of vendors, utilities, regulatory bodies, national laboratories and consulting companies.

NRSHOT Courses Platform



  •  Subject: To acquire knowledge in the application of computational tools.
     Different levels available: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  •  Frequency: Once per year (usually in spring)
  •  Duration: One week, about 35 hours.
  •  Location: NINE, Lucca (Italy)
  •  Oriented towards: Code users with less than 10 years of experiences
  •  Instructors: One to two instructors per course
  •  Available Parallel Courses:
    • - RELAP5-Beginner
    • - RELAP5-Intermediate
    • - RELAP5-Advanced
    • - TRACE-Beginner
    • - COBRA-TF-Beginner
    • - PARCS & 3D NK-TH Coupling-Beginner
    • - PSA-Beginner
    • - Radiological Consequence Analysis

  • Upcoming Event:  23-27 March 2020
                                             Registration Deadline: January 17, 2020

  • Following Event: To be defined





  • Subject: BEPU Methodologies for Safety Analysis, including scaling, V&V and multi-physics coupling analysis
  • Frequency: Once per year (usually in summer)
  • Duration: Two weeks, about 70 hours
  • Location: To be selected each year
  • Oriented towards: Managers, analysts with more than 10 years of experiences and researcher strategists
  • Instructors: From 20 to 30 international lecturers (depends on the year)

  • Upcoming Event: 06-17 July 2020
    Registration Deadline: April 03, 2020

  • Following Event: To be defined

MMARS Courses Platform

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  • Subject: Application of Computational tools in Safety Analysis: Best Practice and Advanced
    Methods for Evaluation Models
  • Frequency: Once per year (usually in fall)
  • Duration: One week, about 35 hours.
  • Location: NINE, Lucca (Italy)
  • Oriented towards: Analysts with more than 5 years of experience
  • Instructors: From one to four teachers per course
  • Available Parallel Courses
    • - System Thermal-hydraulics Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Evaluation Model
    • - Thermal-Hydraulics Core Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Tools
    • - Fuel Behavior Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Tools
    • - Severe Accident Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Tools
    • - Scaling Analysis
    • - Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty
    • - Advanced Course on Key Elements of Risk Quantification and PSA
    • - Preparation and Review of Safety Related Documentation (FSAR)

  • Upcoming Event: 11-15 November 2019

  • Following Event: To be defined


NuComBiP Programme

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  • Subject: Fundamental knowledge, Safety Aspects, Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety
    Analysis, Plant Inspections, IAEA safety Standards.
  • Frequency: On demand.
  • Duration: Several weeks. Customizable.
  • Location: On demand.
  • Oriented towards: New comers
  • Instructors: Four/Five teachers for each module