NINE offers attractive Multi-Level Training Courses that meet the needs of the stakeholders in the nuclear sector, thanks to the cooperation with top level international experts who share the expertise and competences gained from the work-life activity in the industry, regulatory body and academia. The training course’s programmes are oriented towards a wide audience, from PhD students, apprentices, jobseekers to young and senior employees of vendors, utilities, regulatory bodies, national laboratories and consulting companies.

NRSHOT Courses Platform



  •  Subject: To learn how to use computational tools. Different levels available: Beginner,
     Intermediate and Advanced
  •  Frequency: Once per year (usually in spring)
  •  Duration: One week, about 35 hours.
  •  Location: Lucca (Italy)
  •  Oriented towards: Code users with less than 10 years of experiences
  •  Instructors: One/two instructors per each course
  •  Available Courses:
    • - RELAP5-Beginner
    • - RELAP5-Intermediate
    • - RELAP5-Advanced
    • - TRACE-Beginner
    • - COBRA-TF-Beginner
    • - PARCS & 3D NK-TH Coupling-Beginner
    • - PSA-Beginner
    • - Radiological Consequence Analysis

  • Upcoming Event: 18-22 March 2019
                                             Registration Deadline: January 11, 2019

  • Following Event: To be defined





  • Subject: BEPU Methodologies for Safety Analysis, including scaling, V&V and multi-physics coupling analysis
  • Frequency: Once per year (usually in summer)
  • Duration: Two weeks, about 70 hours
  • Location: To be selected each year
  • Oriented towards: Managers, analysts with more than 10 years of experiences and researcher strategists
  • Instructors: From 20 to 30 international lecturers (depends on the year)

  • Upcoming Event: 01-12 July 2019
                                            Registration Deadline: April 01, 2019

  • Following Event: To be defined

MMARS Courses Platform

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  • Subject: Application of computational tools in Safety Analysis: Best Practice and Advanced
    Methods for Evaluation Models
  • Frequency: Once per year (usually in fall)
  • Duration: One week, about 35 hours.
  • Location: Lucca (Italy)
  • Oriented towards: Analysts with more than 5 years of experiences
  • Instructors: From one to four teachers per each course
  • Available Courses
    • - System Thermal-hydraulics Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Evaluation Model
    • - Thermal-Hydraulics Core Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Tools
    • - Fuel Behavior Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Tools
    • - Severe Accident Analysis: Phenomenology and Computational Tools
    • - Scaling Analysis
    • - Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty
    • - Advanced Course on Key Elements of Risk Quantification and PSA
    • - Preparation and Review of Safety Related Documentation (FSAR)

  • Upcoming Event: 04-08 November 2019
                                             Registration Deadline: September 02, 2019

  • Following Event: To be defined


NuComBiP Programme

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  • Subject: Fundamental knowledge, Safety Aspects, Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety
    Analysis, Plant Inspections, IAEA safety Standards.
  • Frequency: On demand.
  • Duration: Several weeks. Customizable.
  • Location: On demand.
  • Oriented towards: New comers
  • Instructors: Four/Five teachers for each module