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NRSHOT, Nuclear Reactor Simulation Hands-On-Training

    NRSHOT started in 2011 and it was held in several locations (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, University of Michigan, NINE headquarters in Italy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) with more than 200 participants totally. Several code teachers, coming from different organizations and experts in different computational tools provide the courses’ programmes.

MMARS, Models and Methods for Advanced Reactor Safety analysis

    MMARS started in 2015 and the first three editions were held at NINE headquarters in Italy with a total participation of about 70 participants. The courses’ programmes are provided by several lecturers coming from different organizations and who are experts in developing and applying models and methods for carrying out advanced safety analysis.

BES-VUEM - Best Estimate, Scaling, Validation, Uncertainty, Experiments and MultiPhysics

Thermal-hydraulic Experiments (IET and SET), Scaling Analysis, Validation Process, Best Estimate Analysis, Uncertainty Quantification and Multi-Physics Multi-Scale Applications

SUNBEAM, Seminar on UNcertainty and Best Estimate Analysis Methods

    SUNBEAM originates from the experience of 3D SUNCOP (Scaling, UNcertainty and 3D COuPled Codes) courses revisiting the course’s contents and focusing more on validation requirements, licensing aspects and multi-physics, multi-scale developments and applications. 3D SUNCOP was held for nineteen editions in different countries and organizations (University of Pisa, Pennsylvania State University, University of Zagreb, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Nucleoelectrica Argentina S.A, Texas A&M University, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Institute for Energy of the Joint Research Center, General Electric Hitachi, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Imperial College, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences) with more than 700 participants and about 25/30 teachers lecturing each time the two/three weeks’ course.
  • Fundamental Theoretical Aspects
  • Industrial Applications, Coupling Methodologies and Hands-On Training
  • Advanced User Training

NuComBiP, Nuclear Compenteces Building Programme

    NINE experience is based upon the NINE’s personnel support to IAEA SAET (Safety Assessment and Education Training) in development and conduction of competence building program for embarking countries since 2009 for Poland, Vietnam, Malaysia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Romania and UAE. In addition, since 2014 NINE’s personnel organizes twice a year “Inspector and Plant Walkdown” trainings under the guidance of US NRC inspectors at abandoned NPP at Zwentendorf, Austria.