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modroMIKE S. MODRO, PhD                        CV  pdf logo
Vice-President for Strategy Development 
NSAG Chairman

Dr. Mike Modro has over 40 years of experience in research and engineering, including over 30 years in Nuclear Reactor Design, Licensing and Safety Research. His field of expertise includes: Analyses and Research related to Nuclear Power Plant behavior during accident conditions; Assessment and Validation of various Computer Codes used to simulate nuclear plant behavior; Development and conduct of Experimental programmes in support of nuclear safety needs; Programme and line Management, Business and Resource development. He worked over 25 years within the Idaho National Laboratory  (United States) and 6 years as Senior Safety Assessment Officer for the International Atomic Energy Agency (for whom he is currently a Senior Consultant). He is a Guest Lecturer for the Imperial College of London (UK). He has a background in Physics from the University of Bern (Switzerland) and the University of Warsaw (Poland).

Expertise Areas: System Thermal-Hydraulics, Licensing

NPP Technologies: PWR, BWR, WWER

knivanovKOSTADIN IVANOV, PhD               CV  pdf logo
President NINE-LLC (USA)
Senior Advisor member of NSAG

Professor Kostadin Ivanov has been working in the Nuclear field for over 34 years. His field of expertise includes: Reactor Physics; Methods in Static and Dynamic Analysis; Nuclear Power Plant Modeling and Safety; Fuel Management and Core Design; Verification and Validation of Multi-Physics simulations. He has worked over ten years for the Pennsylvania State University as Distinguished Professor including Graduate Coordinator of Nuclear Engineering Programme, and for two years as Visiting Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, in Germany. Since 2015 he is Professor and Department Head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the North Carolina State University (USA).
He was and currently is in charge as leading scientist of several international benchmarks organized under the umbrella of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). His work has been published on hundreds of academic and international journals and conference proceedings. He holds a PhD in Reactor Physics from the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

Expertise Areas: Core Reactor Physics

NPP Technologies: PWR, BWR, WWER

popovNIKOLA POPOV,  PhD                        CV  pdf logo
Vice-President for Canada Business Development
Senior Advisor member of NSAG

Professor Nikola Popov has over 38 years of experience in the Nuclear sector in Canada and internationally. His field of work includes Thermal-Hydraulics, Safety Analysis, Licensing, Computer Codes Development and Validation and Severe Accident analysis. He is Adjunct Professor at McMaster University for the UNENE program (reactor thermal-hydraulics design and reactor thermal-hydraulics analysis) and also an Adjunct Professor at the University Cyril and Methodius- Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in Macedonia. He worked 23 years at the Atomic Energy of Canada (1988-2011), the last 3 years as the Director for Safety and Licensing. He also worked at SNC-Lavalin-Nuclear as Director of Safety and Licensing (2011-2014). He provides nuclear engineering consulting and educational services to several important institutions, including Ontario Power Generation, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, CANDU Owners Group, etc. Dr. Popov was involved and managed various projects at AECL, such as the licensing of advanced CANDU reactor in Canada, USA, UK, and other countries. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Expertise Areas: System Thermal-Hydraulics, Severe Accident

NPP Technologies: CANDU

el-shanawanyMAMDOUH EL-SHANAWANY, PhD       CV  pdf logo
Vice-President for UK Business Development
Senior Advisor member of NSAG

Professor Mamdouh El-Shanawany is an international expert on nuclear safety. For the last 40 years, he has provided leadership, design, research & development, analysis, management and critical safety assessment, applications of Statutory regulatory requirements and policy development for the nuclear industry in the UK, Canada and Internationally. He was a member of the IAEA team which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2005. He was global Nuclear Technical Director at Lloyd's Register, and visiting Professor of Nuclear Safety Centre for Nuclear Engineering, at the Imperial College, London University.
Dr El-Shanawany was the Head of the Safety Assessment Section at the IAEA, The main responsibilities of the Safety Assessment Section are to strengthen Member States’ capabilities (Regulatory Bodies, Designers and Operators) in effective safety assessment and safety enhancement of nuclear installations. He represented the IAEA on the Commission of Nuclear Safety Standards, International Nuclear Safety Group. Also, he represents the IAEA at the OECD/ Nuclear Energy Agency, CSNI and the Technical Steering Committee of the Multinational Design Evaluation Programme.
Dr El-Shanawany is an Independent Expert Evaluator for research project allocations, UK Engineering & Physics Science Research Council and Euratom Nuclear Research and Training, European Commission. He was also a member of Generation IV Technical Advisory Committee of the UK Government's Department of Trade and Industry.  El-Shanawany is also an excellent communicator and mentor, able to understand issues in a multi-dimensional environment, providing solutions that support various stakeholders. Prior to joining the IAEA, he was employed by Her Majesty’s Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, the UK Regulatory Body, where he was responsible for managing, assessing and formally agreeing and accepting the Licensees’ arrangements and safety cases for faults studies and severe accidents analysis for the operating plants.  He holds a PhD in Thermal Power Section from the Imperial College of Science and Technology (London).

Expertise Areas: Nuclear Reactor Safety Assessment, Licensing

NPP Technologies: BWR, PWR, CANDU