Radiological Consequence Analysis
  • Next Event:  NINE Headquarters, LUCCA (Italy), 22-26 March 2021
  • The courses will be held on-line, distributing the 30-35 hours in 7-8 working days with 4-5 hours per day
  • Each course will be run with a limited number (5-7) of participants to keep high quality standards
  • Registration Deadline: March 12, 2021

NRSHOT - Radiological Consequence Analysis

Day 1
•    Overview – Scope of RCA
      o    RCA for licensing
      o    RCA for emergency planning
      o    RCA for risk reduction (PSA level 3)

Day 2
•    Input and output data of RCA
      o    Input for the RCA – the “source term”
      o    Important parameters to characterize the source term
      o    Meteorological dispersion calculations and models
      o    Dose calculations, pathways to consider

Day 3
•    Examples of available tools for RCA
      o    MACCS
      o    RODOS
      o    RASCAL
      o    ARCON96
      o    FLEXPART

Day 4
•    Licensing
      o    Dose limits and related boundary conditions for the analysis
      o    Licensing RCA calculations according to IAEA recommendations
      o    Licensing RCA calculations according to US NRC
      o    RCA in licensing in selected European countries

Day 5
•    RCA in emergency preparedness and response
      o    Using RCA for emergency planning
      o    RCA in an emergency situation
      o    RCA with fast running calculation tools
      o    Simulation of possible countermeasures and optimization of risk