• Next Event:  NINE Headquarters, LUCCA (Italy), 22-26 March 2021
  • The courses will be held on-line, distributing the 30-35 hours in 7-8 working days with 4-5 hours per day
  • Each course will be run with a limited number (5-7) of participants to keep high quality standards
  • Registration Deadline: March 12, 2021

NRSHOT - RELAP5-Beginner

Day 1
•    Opening, Introduction, Scope and Content of the training
•    Introduction to Deterministic Safety Analysis
•    Computer codes in Deterministic Safety Analysis
•    Overview of Safety Analyses with System Computer Codes: Conservative and Best Estimate Approach
•    Features and Limitations of System-Thermal-Hydraulic codes
•    Overview of the RELAP5 code architecture and structure, models; input, output, rstplt files
•    Familiarization with plotting tools (APT plot)

Day 2
•    Minor Edits, Major Edits and Time Step Controls
•    Hydrodynamic Components in RELAP5: Syntax and Models (Part 1)
•    Modeling a simple pipe
•    Effect of Time Step and Spatial Discretization
•    Modeling a multi-tube Heat Exchanger (Part 1)

Day 3
•    Hydrodynamic Components in RELAP5: Syntax and Models (Part 2)
•    Modeling a multi-tube Heat Exchanger (Part 2)
•    Heat Structure Components in RELAP5: Syntax and Models
•    Modeling a multi-tube Heat Exchanger with secondary side and heat structures

Day 4
•    Logic Trips and Control Variables in RELAP5: Syntax and Models
•    Steady State Controllers and How to Achieve a Steady State
•    Modeling a multi-tube Heat Exchanger with Control System
•    Edwards Pipe Problem: Description of the Problem and Assignment of the Exercise

Day 5
•    Exercise on Edwards Pipe Problem: Hydrodynamic and Heat Structure
•    Exercise on Edwards Pipe Problem: Comparison with Experimental Results and Judgment of the Results
•    Validation of system computer codes on integral test facilities
•    Questions, Open Issues and Individual Consultations
•    Closing of the training and release of the Certificate of Attendance