• 14 MAY - Dinner with Lucca's Historical Representation

  • MIKE MODRO - For the contribution to foster the BEPU approach in international environment

  • UPENDRA ROHATGI - For the pioneering contribution to the establishment of the BEPU approach

  • OSCAR MAZZANTINI - For BEPU safety application in licensing framework

  • NINE presented to GIANNI BRUNA - In recognition of his outstanding contribution to R&D in the fields of nuclear reactor physics and safety science


  • BEST STUDENT PAPER - NATHAN PORTER (North Carolina State University)

  • CTF Workshops Participants

The Real Collegio

The Venue of the conference is the Real Collegio, which is located inside the city walls of Lucca.

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The Real Collegio was the old monastery of the S. Frediano church (dating back to VI century). The old monastery has been deeply modified and transformed during XVII century with the development of two main cloisters. The building has over 500-years of history on its shoulders. In 1779 the Republic of Lucca decided to use the building as a “university institute” and thus, Pope Pius VI disposed the S. Frediano community patrimony to the construction of the new institute.

real collegio 

In the 19th century the institute received the name as “Real Collegio Carlo Lodovico” from Charles Louis of Bourbon- Parma, Duke of Lucca. After a huge restoration, the complex is one of the most prestigious venues in the historic center of Lucca. Every year, it hosts important cultural events, exhibitions and conferences.


The Builging is divided in two levels and three cloisters with three halls able to host up to 400, 250 and 150 seats where plenary sessions can be organized. In addition there are several rooms able to host from 50 to 80 seats and where regular technical sessions can be played. Each room will be equipped with projectors, laptop for the presentations, air conditioning and decorated with appropriate flowers.


lucca real collegio

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