Embedded Meeting Nuclear Journals


BEPU Embedded Meeting of Chief Editors
of Nuclear Journals

will be held on
Wednesday (May 22)
from 10:30 to 13:30.

The Participants:

1. J NED (Nuclear Engineering and Design):

  • Francesco D'Auria, Chief Editor - Organizer of the meeting

2. J NT (Nuclear Technology):

  • Yassin Hassan, Chief Editor

3. J NSE (Nuclear Science and Engineering):

  • Farzad Rahnema, Chief editor

4. J PNE (Progress in Nuclear Energy):

  • Yousry Azmy, Chief Editor

5. J ANE (Annals of Nuclear Energy):

  • Piero Ravetto, Executive Editor
  • Wei Shen, Representing
  • Liangzhi Cao, Executive Editor


2000 BEST ESTIMATE Washington DC USA
2004 BEST ESTIMATE Washington DC USA
2018 BEPU 2018 Lucca Italy