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23-27 Sept 2024
Lucca, ITALY
25-29 November 2024
Lucca, ITALY
17-21 March 2025
Lucca, ITALY
09-20 June 2025
Lucca, ITALY



Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty (BEPU) Technology: NINE is a world-wide leading organization about BEPU both for the development of the methodologies and for the application in licensing framework. This is also confirmed by the BEPU conferences that are organized by NINE every 2 years. In BEPU-2018 more than 300 people attended the conference in Lucca and in 2024 a new event is going to take place in Sicily, BEPU-2024, with an expected attendance larger than in 2018.



Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Technology: NINE is one of the organizations which is very active in developing and deploying new technologies for carrying-out safety analysis. NINE is actively involved in the OECD/NEA/NSC “Expert Group on Multi-physics Experimental Data, Benchmarks and Validation (EGMPEBV)” and it leads the first of the kind international benchmark devoted to Multiphysics: the MPCMIV (Multi-physics, Pellet Clad Mechanical Interaction Validation)                                                                                            

Management and Preservation of Experimental and Simulation Data: NINE is supporting the International Experimental Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Experiments (TIETHYS) through the application of its own methodology for collecting and organizing the experimental database (SCCRED, Standardized and Consolidated Calculated and Reference/Experimental Database)


    Multi-Level Training Courses (MLTC): NINE is world-wide recognized as one of the leading organizations for training. Every year NINE offers three platforms for training activities devoted to code users (NRSHOT), to safety analysists (MMARS) and to managers and licensing specialists (SUNBEAM)
Development and Conduction of Competence Building Program for Embarking Countries (NUCOMBIP): NINE experience is based upon the NINE’s personnel support to IAEA SAET (Safety Assessment and Education Training) since 2009 for Poland, Vietnam, Malaysia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Romania and UAE. In addition, since 2014 NINE’s personnel organizes twice a year “Inspector and Plant Walkdown” trainings under the guidance of US NRC inspectors at abandoned NPP at Zwentendorf, Austria.      

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