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At NINE  you can find yourself surrounded by a friendly, international environment filled with innovation and technical cooperation.

Engineering is the heart of our work, particularly the nuclear sector in which we are highly specialized through several contracts with stakeholders around the world.

We are looking for engineers and collaborators who are willing to contribute to the nuclear energy industry with their dedication, innovation, commitment.



Engineering graduates interested in working with us should submit their resume after the opening of a vacancy or through a spontaneous application to our Administration department. Following the pre-selection process, on-site or Video-calls interviews will be held.

You can apply for regular positions as well as internship opportunities at the company. Search our positions to find the right opportunity for you!

The company is looking for 1 experienced nuclear engineer to be included in full-time permanent position in the headquarters in Lucca, Italy. Possession of a Master of Science degree is strictly required; holding a PhD is considered an asset. The salary will be consistent with the level of experience.

Nr 1 Nuclear Engineer
- Severe Accident area (Ref: SA)

•    3 years of experience in the analysis of Severe Accidents of Nuclear Power Plants.
•    Proficient capability to use severe accidents simulation codes, e.g. MELCOR, ASTEC.
•    Professional proficiency in spoken and written English.

•    Simulation of severe accident scenarios and related analysis of in-vessel, ex-vessel and containment phenomena.
•    Support the design and the assessment of EOP and SAMG.
•    Assessment of Fission Product distribution in the containment.
•    Assessment of the source term.
•    Writing technical report.
•    Supervising technical activities.
•    Participation to meetings with the customer.


Interested candidate is invited to submit his Curriculum Vitae to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. citing the reference associated with the position of interest.