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  Canada, Poland System Thermal-Hydraulics; Licensing;
Marine power plants



  Italy System Environmental Impact Assessment; Siting; Environmental radioactivity monitoring;
Accuracy quantification and thermal hydraulics computer code validation



  Italy Nuclear Reactor Physics LWR, Fast Reactors



  Europe, USA, Asia, Brazil System thermal-hydraulics; licensing PWR, BWR, AP-1000



  Europe, USA, Asia Probabilistic Safety Assessment WWER, PWR



  Canada Safety Analysis; licensing CANDU
MUKESH TAYAL   Canada Nuclear fuel; Design; Safety Analyses; Stress Analysis; Heat Transfer; Testing;
Development and Qualification of Computer Codes; Models Science and Correlations


Dr. IVICA BAŠIĆ Europe Severe Accidents LWR

Dr. GIANNI BRUNA France, Europe Reactor Physics LWR

Dr. SUREN BZNUNI East Europe Reactor Physics



Dr. PETER HUGHES UK, Europe Safety Analysis; Licensing


Dr. GEERT H. WEIMANN Europe Safety Analysis


Dr. BENJAMIN ROUBEN Canada Reactor Physics



Dr. JUAN CARLOS FERRERI Argentina Licensing





  UK, Europe, Worldwide Safety assessment, fault analysis, PSA, PSA applications, human factors/ human reliability analysis PWR,VVER,AGR,SMR

modroDr. STEFAN S. DOERFFER                    CV  pdf logo

Dr. Stefan S. Doerffer has over 45 years of experience in design, engineering and research including first 18 years in marine engineering in Poland and then in nuclear engineering in Canada. His expertise in nuclear engineering covers Safety Design, Safety Analysis, Safety Research and Licensing. For 10 years at the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) he devoted his research to thermal-hydraulics (TH) of CANDU reactors. He also managed R&D TH Program at the CRL. Then worked at AECL in Mississauga at various positions. Initially as section head and code holder of one of TH reactor safety codes. He was manager of Safety Design and Licensing branch. He interacted with the Canadian and US regulators on licensing of EC6 and ACR-700 reactors. Prior to joining AECL, Dr. Doerffer worked for the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk, Poland, Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, University of Manchester in Manchester, England and University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada, conducting research on PWR and CANDU TH safety aspects. Almost two decades of his work at Design Office of Gdynia Shipyard, Poland, resulted in a number of computer codes to design various systems for marine power plants that were introduced across the Polish shipbuilding industry.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Canada, Poland

Expertise Areas: System Thermal-Hydraulics, Licensing, Marine power plants

NPP Technologies: CANDU


modroDr. GIORGIO GALASSI                      CV  pdf logo

Dr. Giorgio Galassi was born on Oct. 31, 1952 in Riccione (RN) , Italy. He get his Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering (AA 1979-1980) and the PhD in Nuclear Reactor Safety (1987) at the University of Pisa with a thesis dealing with the assessment of DBA and Post-DBA computer codes. From 1982 to 2015 he held the position of senior engineer at the Tuscany Region and from 2000 to 2016 has been a member of the “Consiglio del Programma di Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegenria Nucleare e Sicurezza Industriale” of the University of Pisa.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Italy

Expertise Areas: System Environmental Impact Assessment; Siting; Environmental radioactivity monitoring; Accuracy quantification and thermal hydraulics computer code validation: Relap, Cathare, Trace; Counterpart tests and scaling; BEPU; ITF experiments: Lobi, Rosa, LSTF, PKL, Spes, Bethsy, ecc.; Development and qualification of nodalizations

NPP Technologies: PWR,KWU, BWR, VVER, RBMK


modroDr. VALERIO GIUSTI                        CV  pdf logo

Dr. Valerio Giusti is an Associate Professor of the University of Pisa in the field of Nuclear Reactor Physics. In 1999, he got the Master in Nuclear Engineering (summa cum laude). In 2003, he received the Ph.D. degree from the School of Engineering of the University of Pisa. He has more than 15-years experience on the use of deterministic and stochastic (Monte Carlo) codes applied to radiation transport problems. His scientific activity is mainly focused on the development of deterministic methods for neutron transport and their implementation into computational codes to simulate nuclear reactor cores. He is co-author of more than 40 publications, 24 of which on peer-reviewed international journals.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Italy

Expertise Areas: Nuclear Reactor Physics

NPP Technologies: LWR, Fast Reactors


modroDr. HORST GLAESER                        CV  pdf logo

Dr. Horst Glaeser has 45 years of experience in research, development and engineering including 38 years of experience in nuclear reactor safety research and licensing. His field of expertise includes analyses and research related to nuclear power plant behaviour during accident conditions; development and validation of computer codes used to simulate nuclear plant behaviour; specification and evaluation of experiments in support of nuclear safety needs. Dr. Glaeser was lead manager of the development and application of the statistical GRS uncertainty analysis method. He worked 33 years at the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) in Garching close to Munich, Germany, the last 10 years as Head of Cooling Systems Department. Prior to joining GRS, he worked in the design and construction of chemical plants and nuclear reprocessing plants at UHDE GmbH in Dortmund, Germany (1977 – 1979). He holds a PhD in Process Engineering from Technical University Berlin, Germany.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Europe, USA, Asia, Brazil

Expertise Areas: System thermal-hydraulics, licensing

NPP Technologies: PWR, BWR, AP-1000


modroDr. IRINA KUZMINA                        CV  pdf logo

Dr. Irina Kuzmina is an expert in the area of development, application, and review of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) of nuclear power plants, risk-informed decision making, and probabilistic safety goals.
She resigned from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2017 after having worked there for 14 years as a safety assessment specialist. During her work at the IAEA, she conducted numerous international activities dealing with knowledge sharing/information exchange and building competence and capacity for safety assessment in countries embarking on nuclear power programs including training events, workshops, and PSA review activities. She was also responsible for conducting several international IAEA projects aimed at developing guidance documents in the area of PSA including IAEA Safety Guide on Development and Application of Level-1 PSA for Nuclear Power Plants (SSG-3) published by IAEA in 2010.
She holds a PhD in nuclear engineering from Obninsk Atomic Institute (Russia).

Geographical Regions of Competence: Europe, USA, Asia

Expertise Areas: Probabilistic Safety Assessment

NPP Technologies: WWER, PWR


modroMr. MARC-ANTOINE PETRILLI                     CV  pdf logo

Mr. Petrilli is an Engineer with more than 30 years of experience with a Master Degree in Nuclear Engineering. Bilingual (French and English), he is specialized in nuclear safety design and licensing. He has been working with Hydro-Québec for 18 years and has filled various positions in the Technical and Nuclear Safety Services at Gentilly-2 NPP. He has been providing consulting services through SNC-Lavalin Nuclear and other private firms between 2000 and 2014. From 2014 to October 2016 he was working with Emirates Nuclear Energy Company as Engineering Director (Operation). He is now providing nuclear safety and engineering services as an independent consultant to Canadian and International corporations. He actively participated to various Canadian standard development working groups on Safety Analysis Computer Code QA, Safe Operating Envelop, Risk Informed Decision Making and Benefits/Costs Assessments approaches, and Nuclear Power Plants Life Management. In 2013, he received the Canadian Nuclear Association and Canadian Nuclear Society George C Lawrence Award for Nuclear Safety.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Canada

Expertise Areas: Safety Analysis, licensing

NPP Technologies: CANDU


modroMUKESH TAYAL                     CV  pdf logo

Mukesh brings over 40 years of experience in nuclear fuel including design, testing, safety analysis, stress analysis, heat transfer, and thermal-hydraulics -- through technical, supervisory and managerial roles. He has provided overall technical guidance to teams in developing a new fuel design for an advanced reactor and in producing a design report for implementation of a new fuel design. He has played key roles in developing several major computer codes, analytical models, underlying science, and empirical correlations for design and safety of nuclear fuel. He has also developed superior methodologies to qualify fuel designs which significantly increase the robustness of the design verification process while reducing its cost and schedule. Mukesh has also worked on advanced fuel cycles such as thorium fuel. He has authored/co-authored well over 200 papers and technical documents and has coauthored a university textbook on nuclear power. Mukesh has been honoured in Canada by a national award for innovation in nuclear fuel.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Canada

Expertise Areas: Nuclear fuel; Design; Safety Analyses; Stress Analysis; Heat Transfer; Testing; Development and Qualification of Computer Codes, Models, Science, and Correlations.

NPP Technologies: Specialization in CANDU and broad familiarity with LWR fuels.


Dr. Ivica Bašić       

modroDr. I. VRBANIC                    

Dr. I. Vrbanic is one of the founders of and a senior consultant for nuclear safety in APOSS. He has a background of 28 years in risk and safety assessments and analyses. Of those, the first 16 years he spent in the Engineering Division at Krsko NPP being involved in developing and applying PSA and risk models in support of differrent aspects of plant’s operation, licensing and design. The remaining 12 years he has been spending as a full-time consultant in APOSS. He was involved, in supporting, co-ordinating or leading roles, in a number of projects concerning risk and safety analyses and their applications internationally. Those included PSA applications to support ranking and implementation of plant modifications, risk assessment from natural hazards such as earthquakes, high winds and aircraft crashes, PSA support to in-service inspection programs, risk aspects of aging of structures and equipment and a number of others. The end users of the results and/or services were utilities, regulators, technical support organizations and industry in different countries. This also included lecturing at workshops and training courses on the topics of risk assessment, PSA and safety evaluations., as well as a number of IAEA expert missions and assignments worldwide. Dr. Vrbanic is a scientific collaborator in the field of electrical engineering to the University of Zagreb and wrote or participated in writing of a number of papers published in the proceedings of international conferences and magazines.

Geographical Regions of Competence: Europe

Expertise Areas: PSA

NPP Technologies: LWR



CHARLESDr. C. H SHEPHERD     CV pdf logo


Dr Shepherd has over forty years of experience as a designer of nuclear power plants, a regulator and a consultant. His field of expertise includes: safety assessment for all types of nuclear facilities, fault analysis, PSA/ PSA applications/ Risk Monitors, human factors/ human reliability analysis, safety system design, severe accidents, external hazard analysis and extreme event analysis.

As a consultant, he was the Independent Engineer and carried out a review of nuclear safety for the Hanhikivi VVER as part of the due diligence process for the banks who were lending the money for the project. He has carried out Independent Technical Assessments for the Hinkley Point C EPR on a range of topics related to the design and safety analysis. He developed the methods and carried out the first Level 2 PSA for an AGR.

He has worked extensively for IAEA in the updating of their Nuclear Safety Standards and in producing guidance on a range of safety related topics. He has worked as a consultant and task leader for the Generic Reactor Safety Reviews of new designs of PWRs and VVERs against current standards. He has also been involved in many review missions, courses and workshops.

As a regulator, he was the project manager for the review of the safety case for the Sizewell B PWR leading to the first fuel load into the reactor and carried out the assessment of the PSA.

He has been the UK representative on the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Working Group on Risk and the EC Nuclear Regulators Working Group.


Geographical Regions of Competence: UK, Europe, Worldwide

Expertise Areas: Safety assessment, fault analysis, PSA, PSA applications, human factors/ human reliability analysis

NPP Technologies:PWR, VVER, AGR, SMR


Dr. Gianni Bruna

Dr. Suren Bznuni

Dr. Zoltan Kovacs

Dr. Peter Hughes

Dr. Juan Carlos Ferreri    

Dr. Robert Ion 

Dr. Benjamin Rouben

Dr. Geert H. Weimann