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09 - 11 December 2019 5th NSAG (NINE Senior Advisory Group) Meeting
NINE Headquarters - Lucca, Italy

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11 - 15 November 2019 MMARS 2019 Courses
NINE Headquarters - Lucca, Italy

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Design-Basis Accident Analysis Methods for Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants
Modern Nuclear Energy Analysis Methods - Vol.3, 2019
World Scientific

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18 - 22 March 2019 NRSHOT 2019 Courses
NINE Headquarters - Lucca, Italy



01 - 03 December 2018 4th NSAG (NINE Senior Advisory Group) Meeting
NINE Headquarters - Lucca, Italy

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19 - 23 November 2018 MMARS 2018 Courses
NINE Headquarters - Lucca, Italy



13 - 18 May 2018 BEPU2018 (Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty International Conference)
The Real Collegio - Lucca, Italy



19-21 September 2017 7th OECD/NEA EGMEBV

Paris, France

NINE attended the 7th EGMEBV meeting at NEA and presented the advancement in respect to:
- Task Force 1, Sub-task 4: Recommendation and implementation of processes for evaluating existing Experimental data for multi-physics tools
- The organization of the Multiphysics Pellet Clad Mechanical Interaction Validation (MPCMIV) Benchmark.
The MPCMIV benchmark has been approved and the kick-off meeting will be held in conjunction with the BEPU-2018 Conference

3-8 September 2017 NURETH-17

Xian, China

NINE attended the NURETH-17 conference and presented the following papers:

1. The CASUALIDAD Method for Uncertainty Evaluation of Best-Estimate System Thermal-Hydraulics Calculations
2. ATUCHA-1 NPP containment venting analysis following SBO and LBLOCA events by GOTHIC code
3. RELAP5-3D analysis and qualification on EBR-II SHRT-17
4. IAEA's Coordinated Research Project on EBR-II Shutdown Heat Removal Tests
5. Summary of SWINTH-2016: A Specialists workshop on advanced instrumentation and measurement techniques for Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydarulics experimentation
6. Application of Integrated RELAP5-Transuranus Approach to a RIA Benchmark Exercise Including Uncertainty and Sensitivity
7. ATLAS A5.1 POST-TEST Calculation
8. ATLAS A5.1 TEST Benchmark Activity


11 September 2017 IAEA CRP Project on "Benchmark Analysis of EBR-II Shutdown Heat Removal Tests" has been published    (Download)

NINE was actively involved in the project by proposing the SCCRED Methodology, that was applied by all benchmarks participants for the qualification of the code models.

23 August - 01 September 2017 Frédéric Joliot/Otto Hahn Summer School (FJ/OH-SS)
Karlsruhe, Germany
NINE presented at FJOH 2017 Summer School the "CIAU and CASUALIDAD Methodologies for Evaluating Uncertainties in Thermohydraulics Codes"

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01 - 03 August 2017 MPCIMV (Multiphysics Pellet Clad Mechanical Interaction Validation) Benchmark Pre-Workshop
Lucca, Italy

The Pre-Workshop meeting was held with the participation of representatives from STUDSVIK, ORNL, CEA, BNL, INL and NCSU.
More details can be found at

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31 July 2017 New Headquarters

We have moved to our new premises...some work is still needed, but we are ready for our first meeting!



26 - 27 June 2017 5th SILENCE (SIgnificant  Light and Heavy Water Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Experiments Network for the Consistent Exploitation of the Data) Meeting
Pisa, Italy

15 - 19 May 2017 2nd NSAG (NINE Senior Advisory Group) Meeting
Skopje, Macedonia

During the 2nd NSAG meeting, NINE met with ELEM (energy power producer) and IZIIS (seismic institute)



26 - 27 January 2017 SAPIUM Meeting

Paris, France

NINE partecipated in SAPIUM meeting providing a contribution about the SCCRED methodology.


08 - 13 January2017 CNPE - NINE Meeting
Pisa, Italy

The Meeting was held at NINE headquarter with the participation of a CNPE delegation of technical expert and high position manager; a memorandum of understanding for cooperation during the period 2017-2019 was signed.


28 November - 06 December 2016 1st NSAG (NINE Senior Advisory Group) Meeting
Pisa, Italy



14 October 2016 IET-4th Workshop
Gyeongju, South Korea

The 4th International Workshop on Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulic Integral Effect Tests, Organized by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). The purpose of the Workshop is to share the experiences in thermal-hydraulic IETs and their applications during the past decades and to promote future prospect of the IET facilities.
NINE gave its contribution with a presentation on “IET Databases and Their Use in Code Validation and Licensing Frameworks (with Annex on SILENCE Network and SWINTH Workshop)”

09-13 October 2016 NUTHOS-11
Gyeongju, South Korea

Sponsored by the Korean Nuclear Society (KNS) and co-sponsored by the American Nuclear Society (ANS) in cooperation with other international nuclear societies including the Chinese Nuclear Society, the Canadian Nuclear Society, and others.

NINE has attended the conference presenting five papers about:
- NINE's methodology for simulation model qualification: examples of application in the framework of international code benchmarking activities, research reactor licensing analyses etc.
- New methodologies for TH system code uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis
- Summary of CFD-related activities carried out by the OECD/NEA/CSNI/WGAMA.

11-16 September 2016 TOP FUEL-2016

Boise, ID, USA

TOPFUEL is one of the most important conference on Nuclear Fuel. NINE gives its contribution in the edition 2016 by submitting a coauthored paper dealing with RIA benchmark activities carried out in the framework of OECD WGFS.

26-30 June 2016 ICONE24
Charlotte, NC, USA

Co-sponsored by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) and CNS (Chinese Nuclear Society), ICONE24 is the world's premier conference on Nuclear Engineering.

NINE has attended the conference presenting two papers about the RELAP5-3D analysis of the EBR-II shutdown heat removal test (SHRT-17) and the coupling of different RELAP5-3D models by means of the PVMEXEC program. 

20-24 June 2016 OECD/NEA WGFS Events
Lucca, ITALY

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NINE had the pleasure to host three consecutive events all connected with  the WGFS: the 4th meeting of the WGFS Task Group on the RIA fuel-rod code benchmark - phase II during which participants presented and discussed their results related with uncertainty evaluation on fuel performance code predictions; the WGFS interim meeting in which participants to the group discussed and planned about on-going and new technical activities; the Workshop on Pellet-Cladding Interaction (PCI) in water cooled reactors which allowed the interaction among experts from Research Institutions, Industries and Regulatory Authorities on PCI issues more than 10 years after a similar initiative.

20 June 2016 COG-NINE Meeting

Toronto, CANADA

NINE presented his experiences and competences in system-thermal-hydraulics safety analysis and code validation and provided COG with suggestions about the code transition issue.

15-17 June 2016  SWINTH-2016
Livorno, ITALY

Specialists Workshop on Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques for Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics.

An initiative of SILENCE (SIgnificant Light and Heavy Water Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Experiments Network for the Consistent Exploitation of the Data). Organized by the GRNSPG of the Univ. of Pisa with the support of NINE.

12-16 June 2016 ATH '16
New Orleans, LA, USA

NINE has attended the conference presenting two papers about the CASUALIDAD Uncertainty Methodology for System Thermal-hydraulics calculations and the Verification of the PVMEXEC tool to couple RELAP-to-RELAP models.

13-15 April 2016 OECD PKL-ATLAS Workshop
Lucca, ITALY

NINE had the pleasure to host the PKL-ATLAS Workshop giving the opportunity to the scientists participating to the two OECD projects to meet togeher and exchange their view and interpretation on both experimental and calculation outcomes. The results of analytical benchmarks condcuted on a PKL test and on an ATLAS test were presented and discussed in devoted sessions.