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BEPU Safety Demonstration for Atucha II NPP Licensing spunta verde   spunta verde     PTH,CB,FSM,SA  PHWR
 Atucha II Fast Boron Injection Test Facility: Contribution to Design & Supply of Instrumentation    spunta verde  spunta verde spunta verde  EXP, FSM, PTH   PHWR
 Analysis of Large Break LOCA in Atucha II NPP  spunta verde  spunta verde     PTH, CB, FSM, SA   PHWR
 CFD Studies in Support of Atucha II NPP Licensing  spunta verde  spunta verde spunta verde   spunta verde FSM, CB, PTH, EXP  PHWR 
5  Reactor Physics Analysis for Atucha II NPP  spunta verde  spunta verde     CB  PHWR
6  Atucha II -DBA Analysis for Licensing    spunta verde     PTH  PHWR 
7  Structural Mechanics Analyses in Support of Atucha II NPP Licensing    spunta verde spunta verde   FSM, PTH, EXP  PHWR 
8  HPR-1000 Development of Emergency Operating Procedures  spunta verde    spunta verde    PTH LWR
9  VVER-1000 Safety Analysis: Experimental Tests for Code Qualification  spunta verde   spunta verde spunta verde  PTH VVER 
10  VVER-1000 non-LOCA Accident Management      spunta verde  spunta verde  PTH VVER 
11  VVER-1000 SBLOCA Accident Management     spunta verde spunta verde  PTH VVER
12  VVER-1000 Severe Accident Analysis     spunta verde   SA VVER
13  VVER-1000 HELB Safety Analysis      spunta verde     CB, PTH VVER
14  VVER-1000 3D Neutron Kinetics Simulations     spunta verde    CB VVER
15  VVER-1000 Pressurized Thermal Shock Analysis     spunta verde    PTH, FSM VVER 
16  RELAP5 Simulation of Darlington NGSLoss of Flow Event  spunta verde   spunta verde    PTH CANDU 
17  7RBMK Safety Assessmen     spunta verde    PTH RBMK
18  LABGENE Core Design Review  spunta verde  spunta verde     CB, PTH   LWR, SMR
19  Two-phase Natural Circulation Instability Analysis for Passive Auxiliary Feedwater System (PAFS) in APR+  spunta verde   spunta verde   PTH   GEN III
20  EBR-II SHRT-17 Test Thermal-Hydraulic Simulation  spunta verde       PTH  GEN IV
21  SMART Code Independent Assessment  spunta verde   spunta verde   PTH, SA  CANDU 
22  Critical Heat Flux Test Facility Design and Construction     spunta verde spunta verde  EXP, FSM, PTH  LWR, SMR
23  Atucha I Containment Analysis for Severe Accident Management     spunta verde   SA  PHWR
24  Severe Accident Code Application to Sandia Spent Fuel Pool Tests spunta verde        PHT, SA  LWR 
25  Design of Screens toMinimize the Impact of MethaneDispersion from Gas Distribution Pipelines     spunta verde   FSM   IND
26  Fire Hazard Analysis for ITER Fusion Reactor Building Compartments     spunta verde   FSM  Fusion 
27  ITER Vacuum Vessel Pressure Suppression System Design Assessment     spunta verde   FSM Fusion
28  Support to Nuclear Safety and Engineering for ITER Fusion Reactor    spunta verde  spunta verde   FSM, PTH, EXP  Fusion 
29  Independent Analysis for OPAL Research Reactor Power Uprate   spunta verde spunta verde    PTH  RR 
30  KRB-II Reactor Pressure Vessel Structural Integrity Assessment   spunta verde spunta verde   FSM LWR 
31  NPP Design Technical Evaluation following IAEA Standards: APR1400, VVER-1200, OPR-1000,  E-CANDU-6, AP1000, CP1000   spunta verde      PTH, CB, FSM, SA  GEN III 
32  Review of NPPLicensing Documentation on Behalf of IAEA   spunta verde     PTH  GEN III, SMR
33  Drafting of Guidelines for Review of Deterministic Safety Analysis for Design Extension Conditions   spunta verde      PTH, SA GEN III 
34  ASCO NPP Containment Analysis      spunta verde   FSM, PTH  LWR
35  Safety Analysis of Facility for Treatment and Conditioning of Radwaste    spunta verde     SA RAW
36  Nuclear Decommissioning & Waste Management Support atJRC Ispra    spunta verde     PTH, CB, FSM, SA  RAW 


Technical Area
    Reference Technology








Plant Thermal-Hydraulics 

Core Behaviour

3D Fluid and Structural Mechanics 

Severe Accident and Radiological Consequences 

Thermal Fluid Dynamics Experimentations

















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