Nuclear Decommissioning, Waste Management and Environmental Site Remediation
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MMARS - Nuclear Decommissioning, Waste Management and Environmental Site Remediation

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    General Program Content    |    LEVEL 1 Course Content    

General Program Content

The Decommissioning course is part of a qualifying path evolving from the Level 1 (fundamentals) through Level 2 (intermediate) to Level 3 (expert). In 2018 only the Level 1 is activated. The Level 2 will be included in the 2019 and the Level 3 will be ready for the 2020. The Level 1 program is here reported. For Level 2 and Level 3 only the main arguments are indicated in the figure below for sake of completeness.







Day 1

Objectives and overview of the course

Session 1    General Framework
                   •  Status & Prospective of the Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology
                   •  The Management of Waste within the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
                   •  The end of life of a Nuclear Reactor: Challenges and Activities
                   •  Regulatory aspects of Decommissioning and Nuclear waste

Session 2    Radioprotection and Measurements
                   •  Interaction of Radiation with Matter

Day 2

Session 2    Radioprotection and Measurements

                   •  Radioprotection Principles
                   •  Radiation Protection Criteria in Decommissioning
                   •  Dosimetry
                   •  Detectors
                   •  Radiation Protection Measurements

                   •  Exercises

Session 3    Safety

                   •  Evaluation of the Safety and Risk (part 1)

Day 3

Session 3    Safety

                   •  Evaluation of the Safety and Risk (part 1)

Session 4    Measurements and Systems
                   •  Systems for Detection, Measurements and Characterization (gamma, neutron, alpha, beta)
                   •  Neutron Passive and Active Measurements
                   •  Gamma Spectrometric In-Situ Measurements
                   •  Exercises
Session 5    Modeling

                   •  3D Modeling & Scenario Assessment

Day 4


Session 6    Safety Analysis and Plan
                   •  Safety Analysis and Plan
Session 7    Waste Management and Digital Management of the Process and Information
•  Procedures for Conditioning, Packaging, Storage, Transport and disposal -Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention
                   •  Compliance and Standards with Radioactive Waste Management
                   •  Digitization of the Waste Information along its Management Process

Session 8    Decontamination

                   •  Technologies for Decontamination

Session 9    Decommissioning & Dismantling
                   •  Assessment, Technologies and Techniques


Day 5

Session 9      Decommissioning & Dismantling
                     •  Decommissioning of Radioisotopes Laboratory

Session 10    Planning a Decommissioning Project
                     •  Facility Characterization
Session 11    Environmental & Site Remediation
                     •  The Environmental Safety Case in a D&D Activity
                     •  Following the Impact on Environment: Techniques and Methodology
                     •  Environmental Issues: Approaching a Real Case of Site Remediation

Session 12    Costs

                     •  Elements for Cost Estimation

Final Lecture & Diploma