Preparation and Review of Licensing Documentation (FSAR)
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  • Early Registration 28 July 2024

MMARS - Preparation and Review of Safety Related Documentation (FSAR)

Day 1
•    Fundamentals of Safety Assessment
•    International Safety Standards
•    Safety Documentation Development
•    Review Process of the Safety Documentation
•    Training and Staffing for Preparation and Review of SAR
•    Safety features of Selected NPP designs

Day 2
•    Process of the Deterministic Safety Analysis Preparation
      o    Scope
      o    Postulated Initiating Events
      o    Acceptance Criteria

Day 3
•    Process of the Deterministic Safety Analysis Preparation
      o    Assumptions of the Analysis
      o    Computer Codes
•    Reviewing SAR
      o    Computer Codes V&V
      o    Nodalization Qualification
      o    Analysis of the Results
Day 4
•    Reviewing SAR
      o    Review of the Chapter 15 – exercise
      o    Relevant Aspects and Phenomena associated with the Selected Transient
•    SAR BEPU Applications

Day 5
•    Design Extension Conditions
      o    Severe Accident Progression and Design Extension Conditions
      o    SAR Sections related to Design Extension Conditions
•    Evaluation of the Training Course