Regulatory Fundamentals and Best Regulatory Practices
  • Next Event:  NINE Headquarters, LUCCA (Italy), 23-27 September 2024
  • Early Registration 28 July 2024

MMARS - Regulatory Fundamentals and Best Regulatory Practices

Day 1
•    Roles of the regulatory authority vs licensees
•    What is regulation?
•    Basics of the Nuclear Power Plant oversight
•    Licensing processes
•    Compliance verification processes

Day 2
•    Role of IAEA and NEA
      o   IAEA system of documents
      o   NEA promotion of best practices
•    Recent majors events and their role in shaping of regulatory views
Day 3
•    Discussion on the role of some of the  fundamental principles
      o   Defense in depth
      o   Limitation of risks

      o   Use of Risk Information in regulatory decision making
      o   Graded approach / principle of proportionality
      o   Role of research

Day 4
•    Components of the regulatory evaluations
      o    Management systems
      o    Human factors
      o    Operating performance

      o    Safety Analyses

      o    Design
      o    Fitness for service
      o    Radiation protection

      o    Environmental protection

      o    Emergency response
      o    Security
      o    Safeguards

      o    Wastes

      o    Etc

Day 5
•    Key modern regulatory challenges
      o    Continuous improvement of safety
      o    Public engagement and opinion
      o    New technologies

      o    Embarking countries

      o    Etc